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Neighbours 2 - Carl Ruhen

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Neighbours 2 - Carl Ruhen

A Star Book Published in 1987
by the Paperback Division of W.H. Allen & Co. Plc
Copyright © Horwitz Grahame Pty Ltd, 1987

ISBN 0 352 32149 0
UK: 2.50 NZ: $11.95 Canada $6.25 (168 pages)

Cover description

Danny Ramsay - Trying desperately to keep the family together, is shattered by a terrible revelation...

Julie Robinson - in love for the first time, but will it last...

Helen Daniels - suffers a brutal disillusionment after believing she has found true love again...

Jim Robinson - how can he come to terms with the feelings he has for his mother...

Max Ramsay - still separated from his wife, finds he has his own crosses to bear - and sometimes life isn't made any easier by...


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